All aspects of ScholarAdvisor website are covered in this review

As a student, I am always busy with all kinds of assignments. So, one day, I was looking for information on the web about various content writing services to get some help. In the process, I bumped on I looked on their website and the blog posts were quite resourceful and so were the writing guides.

As I went through their blog, I realized that the company has various writing services to offer. The site stated that the cost for one page is slightly below $17. Not bad, right? I thought I should test their level of expectancy by requesting them to write one paper for me. After all, I decided to create this review of ScholarAdvisor to share my experience with others. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

Polite Customer Agents

The customer service was active. I contacted the agent and noticed they were very polite, and so was the writer that was to work on my paper. I’m not sure if the writers were native English speakers or not. The reason I say this is that the grammar in my conversation with them was excellence. I had no doubt they were natives.

I could also not tell when the company started its operation, and where it is based. I didn’t find this to be important since the blog posts could show that Scholar Advisor can produce quality content. The issue started when I received my paper back. This review will explain more about my frustrations with

No Discounts

After being guided on how to make all the payment, I applied for a promo code. Well, that did not seem to go through, and I thought of asking the agent if they had any coupon codes for their new customers. Unfortunately, the agent told me there were no discounts.

That amazed me since most writing companies give offers to new clients. Nevertheless, that didn’t seem to bother me because the prices were entirely fair. Finally, I paid for the paper.

Prompt Delivery but Poor Quality

The paper was short, and it took only a few hours to have it back. The company is fast when it comes to delivering their papers. I say this because, after 8 hours, Scholar Advisor sent me a message in my email box requesting me to find the attachment. That was pretty encouraging.

Now, despite the company having great features and free writing guides on their website, their contact was way too low to believe that they had written the content for me.

The paper was full of grammatical errors, poor sentence construction, and wrong word choice. Well, since the customer care agents were polite, I thought of requesting a revision of the paper. I was upset to see that they did not have an idea of how they should sort out the problem. It was truly devastating. To cut it short, did not revise my paper and I had to spare some time to do it.

The Clients’ Feedback

Well, a question hit my mind. Could this be the first time they are delivering poor quality? You see, I cannot condemn people because they produced poor quality the very first time, right? Being a wise person yet unsure of the answer, I rushed to the testimonials sections to see the customer reviews to see if other clients were happy with the services offered by

Unfortunately, the clients’ reviews, as well as reviews from specialized websites, were negative. Were it not for the poor quality that the company delivered, I would have given an excellent rating, but now it was discouraging to see what other customers had said.

Again, if only they had revised the paper, I would still have left a positive review. Nonetheless, it is crucial for any student to note that the website is informative, and they can gain a lot of resourceful features from them.

ScholarAdvisor Review